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[Identity System Rebrand]

DocAlliance is an international platform for filmmakers to share their process with others worldwide.

I leveraged my skills in motion and print in order to bring a new insight to DocAlliance.
My main mission statement is: DocAlliance is devoted to uncovering timeless documentaries from across the globe as well as supporting the diversity that these films bring to the world. 


Logo Development

The unfolding of the logo resembles a tripod and showcases the importance of modularity and documentation.


Color Palette

I chose Tonal Black, Prime Green, and Aperture White as the primary colors  while the secondary colors give a more energetic and modern approach to events and socials.


Identity Poster [Series 1]

The brand elements used in identity posters are simplified graphical interpretations of camera settings such as ISO, light meter, and focal length.

Content Posters [Spotlight On Series]

Spotlight On Series promote various documentary filmmakers as well as their individual film series in a planned schedule.

Content Posters [Film Festival Lineup]

Award-winning filmmakers to indie studios are featured in the festival lineup.

Environmental/Outdoor Mockup

The outdoor strategy aims to spread brand awareness through major global cities like Brooklyn, San Francisco, Shanghai, as well as locations that film enthusiasts would attend for socials and events.

DocAlliance Website

The website is a worldwide accessible archive that provides forum for filmmakers and filmlovers to comment and communicate.

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© 2022 Vicky Lin
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